Who are CRA Entertainment?

Our story…

CRA Entertainment is a film production team with two films currently available on a variety of platforms, two films in post production set to release in 2021 and a couple projects currently in pre-production. But who are these people and productions behind CRA Entertainment?

Creative Renegade Artists, a.k.a. CRA Entertainment, Inc. is an independent film production company that’s dedicated to producing the highest quality in film entertainment. Our mission is to entertain, inform and enlighten.

Craig Ahrens

CRA was founded in 2013 by Craig Ahrens, Co-Managing Partner. Craig’s an Award Winning Filmmaker and SAG-AFTRA Actor. As a Filmmaker, he has received Awards from various Independent Film Festivals. Craig came into the entertainment world later in life after enjoying a successful career in the lending industry, but has been very active since writing the original script for Evil Down the Street, and partnering with David Espinosa, building out the CRA team and producing several feature films.

David Espinosa

David Espinosa joined the team as Co-Managing Partner to co-write and direct their first film Evil Down the Street. David is a graduate of the Law School at Santa Clara University (1984) and UCLA’S TFTA department. He has screen, television and stage credits. David has written, produced, directed and acted in a variety of works including, “Painting”, “Fortune Dane”, “True Believer”, “Dead Man’s walk” and others. David is a driving force within CRA and is the point person for all legal affairs.

Robert Crow

Robert Crow, Associate Partner. Robert has enjoyed a twenty-five plus year career acting on stage, episodic television, movies of the week and commercials. He earned his Equity card in 1982 at South Coast Repertory. Robert is the glue that holds everything together.

Shane Maus

Associate Partner Shane Maus, has been a member of the team for a few years, he possesses a skill set both behind and in front of the camera. As camera operator, actor and model, Shane has used his camera skills in films such as ‘The Great Controversy Ended‘ ‘Reanimation team‘, ‘2025 Blood, White and Blue‘, ‘Demon Fighter‘ and ‘Blood, Skulls and Chrome‘. He created a team called the NorCal Xpendables who perform tactical squad roles and bikers as on screen talent. They have been featured in films such as ‘Patriot: A Nation at War‘, ‘Soul Cage‘, ‘Blood Skulls and Chrome‘ & ‘Aliens Reaction‘. Shane is also a talented graphic designer and a valuable asset to our CRA Team.

CRA Entertainment’s first film premiered in 2019 ‘Evil Down the Street‘, is inspired by actual events about a family of four who moves into their dream home having no idea their new home is possessed by a demon. Evil Down the Street can currently be seen for free on Tubi TV, IMDb TV/Freevee, YouTube, Roku and can also be seen on Amazon Prime.

Evil Down the Street Trailer

The Crumbs‘ released in 2020, about a family owned bed and breakfast where Dr. Benjamin creates longevity potions from herbs and fluids donated by unwilling and unregistered guests, can be seen on for free on Tubi TV, YouTube and can also be found on Amazon Prime.

The Crumbs Trailer

CRA Entertainment’s Vision

The goal we all share and the goal from the beginning. Is to create quality film content that’s enjoyed by others. Film content that can stand the test of time and be enjoyed by generations to come… “Believe.”

Check out all of CRA Entertainment’s offerings here.

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