An Ode to the Mothers of All Geeks!

By Terry Morgan

At this point in my life I have come to the realization I’m a geek and I’m ok with that! Embracing my inner-self is not difficult with the changing culture from the festivals to the comic cons the world is now my oyster, but it wasn’t always like this. My earliest 29749531_1580894918673640_6311129281726051352_omemories of geekdom is a Spider-man #11 issue comic that I found at the local salvage yard. It was tore up on the cover but I wanted it and my grandma said go for it, so I was set! I Still remember reading it over and over again. I dreamed of being a superhero from that day on, short of the super powers I’m doing ok in that element of life. My mom never got it though. She always asked why I wanted to dress up like Batman or hang upside down like Spidey and when it came to my toys she always got the wrong character or a different vehicle than what I asked for! Now, I’m not complaining, cause my mom always came through, but when your a geek you know what you want.

Now after enough tries my mom started taking me to the store ahead of time for me to point out what I wanted so grandma would know. I didn’t notice this at first, but grandma got it right all the time. We still had our ups and downs, like when i asked for a snake eyes and got a beach head (still G.I. Joe, so at least she was in the ballpark), but she did hooked it up with the Han solo blaster. As i got older my mom did encourage me to play D&D and I can honestly say that helped 32349116_1621320177964447_4931332181973794816_nme in so many ways. When middle school came I wanted to create a haunt and she was the first to come out and help set the yard up. Now she grew up a popular cheerleader type and i think this was one of those things that we really clicked on. In horror films, the cheerleader always gets a lot of face time on screen, and she loves that!

This weekend is Mothers Day and I’m off to do a festival as Captain America and sell some of my collection so I can buy more to add to it. I will take the time to call my mom 32293500_1621319051297893_5822288104890826752_nand wish her a happy day and when she asks what I’m doing I’ll tell her and she will laugh and say “that’s my son.” I know this is her way of saying she loves and supports my career as an actor and comedian.

I still think back to when she brought over a late birthday present to me not too long ago, it was supposed to be a Star Wars train. I didn’t say a word when I looked down and saw the Star Trek logo on the side of the train. I laugh really hard when I think back, it’s just another reminder that I’m a geek and my moms not!


By  Terry Morgan

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