Interview with Indie Comic Creator:

Jason Dube of Scattered ComicsORB_8623

When people think comics they more often then not think of one of two things. One: Those things in the newspaper. Two: All the movies based off of the mainstream comic books from the likes of DC and Marvel. Have you ever wondered what the people who created those masterpieces did before they were so wildly popular? They were indie artists first. Today we are going to take a moment and look at an indie artist. Jason Dube currently working for Scattered Comics as the CEO/Publisher. For the past 22 years he has published multiple titles such as Scattered, Panda Days, Caffeine Poisoned, Waiting for Something to Happen and Shadow Hunters. It all started when he was a kid, like most kids he loved reading comics. He was in fourth grade drawing very rudimentary one page comics strips of the Avengers because he could not get enough from the monthly books that he bought at his local 7-11. From there it evolved into drawing little comic books at his daycare and selling them for a whopping $.50 each. Sadly he no longer has any left for us to see. Then the next step in his future occurred. Someone requested a copy of one of his comics and he discovered the magic of a xerox machine.


Now he cites his influences as Christopher Bachelo who is known for cartoon style animation, Humberto Ramos who is known for his work on Spider-Man and X-Men, Skottie Young who has worked on several Marvel characters and has worked with Neil Gaiman, and all of the staff at Scattered Comics. However, being a indie artist is not all drawing and loving work. There isn’t always a continuous flow of work or money on a consistent basis. One of the things Jason had to learn early on was lining up his next paying job in advance and learning the ropes with marketing and advertising. With that being said, there are a lot of perks as well. DSC_2567There is the sense of freedom to create what you want the way that you want to create it. If you have a unique style that does not line up with the “mainstream” or follow all the rules then you have a creative license to do it your way. The clients and the fans are there to reassure you that it’s OK to be yourself and follow your own style of art. This advice does not apply to just the indie comic artist however. This also applies to all independents. Learn how to hustle your product and get it out there. Do not be shackled down. Follow your heart and your passion. Jason is a example of what it means to be a independent artist. He has taken his success and has helped others that are starting out. He is paying it forward and loving every minute of it. When approached about given us some his time he was very cooperative and eager to get his message out there. With Fallout 4 coming out at the end of the year I am reminded of the literature that survived the apocalypse. For those we are not aware, it was comics. And you collected them in order to level up stats. I can tell you right now, with what I have read of Jason’s work, I would love to have his work in the vault with me.

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  • Jarime Wilhelm

    Jason Dube of Scattered Comics with photographer Oscar Benjamin of Compassionate Wolf Productions

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