An Independence Day Review: 2025 Blood, White & Blue

Out now on Amazon Prime, is the roller coaster ride dark comedy of the year, 2025: Blood, White & Blue. Undercover Agent Bill Wilson, staring Grid Margraf, takes down a notorious Mexican Drug Cartel leader, played by Ivan Torres, under the lead of Captain Sully, played by Ernest Vestito, seizing a sizable haul of narcotics and cash.

Sensing that some dirty agents might have their own plans for the drug money, Bill stashes the evidence causing the would be thieves to pay him a visit to his home on the deadliest night of the year, the annual purge. Bill invites his colleague Daryl Oats, a clumsily hilarious character played by Justin Crose, to stay the night at his place with his family to provide safety in numbers. This makes the kill list for purge thirsty Aiden Bradshaw, played by Toby T. Johnson, all the easier placing the bulk of the targets in one place. Aiden’s team including his katana toting back flipping ninja assassin Sasha Briggs, played by Nicole Mahr, and a few other axe, assault rifle, martial arts and bat-saw wielding henchmen, lay assault onto Bill’s homestead engaging in a series of deadly face offs.

Bill played by Grid Margraf, investigating a disturbance at the homestead

In this midst of the deadly standoffs, Daryl is tasked with protecting Bill’s family including his sister Stacey, played by Cheryl Thorup, her husband Tom played by Mark Hoffman, his nephew Brian, played by Nick Masters, and his niece, Jenna, played by Heather Farace, who Daryl falls in love with after encountering her irresistibly flirty charm. Rounding up the family is one of the most bad ass grandmas, Grandma Ruth, played by Nanette Geree Rice, to ever grace the silver screen. There are many references to twisted Darwin Award winning pop culture TicToc challenge trends, political satire and hotly debated social issues throughout the film. The movie shifts from a spectrum of action, to gore laden horror while maintaining comedic infusion throughout. Though the night is based on a parody premise of the annual purge, and does have a few comedic purge scenes featured in the darker chapter, it follows an original story demonstrating that family and friendships can be formed and unite us to resist dark forces despite opposite social political stances that would otherwise divide a nation. It may also hold the record for the longest pissing scene shared by two men.

If your interest is piqued, go and check it out now on Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, DirecTV and Xfinity Video on Demand. This film has the makings of a cult classic and you will not be disappointed!

Bill and Daryl in likely the longest pissing scene in movie history

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