The Horrors of Sinister Creature Con

Sinister Creature Con is a reflection of the infectious enthusiasm creator Tim Meunier has for the often maligned genre. Meunier has stitched together a horror con that fans speak of in glowing terms and like Victor Frankenstein, Meunier has combined the best of what the genre has to offer Continue reading The Horrors of Sinister Creature Con

Interview with Musician Joe Kye

I had the privilege of going to Yale University where I like to say that I was a closet musician. I studied History and Ethnic Studies basically really trying to understand my role and my identity as an Asian American immigrant in modern day America. What that means, what I can learn from the African American culture and what they’ve done as far as creating solidarity and also how to engender change in society towards a more socially just community. Continue reading Interview with Musician Joe Kye

Interview with Damien Crawford

I will wake up in the middle of the night because I hear a leaf move or something, I call it a healthy paranoia. I can think of two separate occasions where I’m sure it saved my life. The lack of sleep sucks, not being able to cook food and the lack of money takes its toll. Because not having a good diet sucks too, especially when all you’re living on is cheeseburgers and soda Continue reading Interview with Damien Crawford