La Petite Sirene:

Behind The Scenes

The Story:
She emerged from the ocean as if to be in trance; amazed by such a desolate, yet beautiful place “Where Am I? What is this place?”
As she climbed atop a huge boulder, she could see miles and miles of dry land and the most wonderful trees and plants.
Reminiscing she thought to herself, “Everything was bathed in a wondrous blue light down there; you might more readily have supposed yourself to be high up in the air, with only the sky above and below you, than that you were at the bottom of the ocean.”
In a dead calm you could just catch a glimpse of the sun like a purple flower with a stream of light radiating from its calyx.
La_Petite_Sirene_Flying_Story_by_Trin_De_bts_by_Shane_MausWhy does this place seem so familiar? Was this the rock I used to sit on top of from in the depths of the ocean to watch my prince? Where is all the water?
She wanted to find out more so she climbed down from the boulder and walked a little further until she came to a patch of green lush grassland. As she danced around in the sunlight like a beauteous ethereal being in a pearlesque gown, dragonflies flew all around her. What magic.
La_Petite_Sirene_Green_Field_Story_by_Trin_De_bts_by_Shane_MausShe started to notice that the sun was starting to set and as she transformed into the most beautiful gown, she couldn’t help but notice vine-clad hills.
No flowers grew there, no seaweed, only the bare gray sands.
She started to feel her legs growing tired so she sat down to rest for a while. Clothed in the costliest silks and muslins, she was the greatest beauty.
La_Petite_Sirene_In_Pink_Story_by_Trin_De_bts_by_Shane_MausKnowing that she must return to the ocean, she climbed on one last rock to bask in the sun rays. She knew the time was near.
She slid off the rock and into the ocean; basking in the ambiance for one last moment.
Then she disappeared.



Photographer, Creative Director & Stylist: Trin Dē | | Instagram: @trinettedenise
Model & Makeup Artist: Bunny Stewart | Instagram: @bunnystewart
Mermaid Crown/Top: Trin Dē | Instagram: @trinettedenise
Videographer & BTS: Shane Maus| Instagram: @idea_alchemist_films |
Assistants: MixxBreed & Reese





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