Idiots Thoughts on The Killing Joke!

The Idiots of the Round Table converged on DC Comic’s The Killing Joke and here is this films Reviews by Idiots from The Media Hub, for your viewing pleasure.  Feel free to read their individual thoughts and ratings, but beware that the audio and video included below feature spoilers of this film, so view at the risk of knowing too much!

Now without further ado, Reviews by Idiots!



I’m a HUGE fan of the Joker and Batman and when I heard that this was going to be made into a movie and an R rated movie no less, I was eagerly anticipating this release! Finally, we get to see how one bad day can truly change your life! The Joker origin story!?! Or, was it just the Joker pulling another elaborate trick? The only negatives I have are the sometimes rigid voice acting, the steamy Batman/Batgirl scene and how nonsensical the ending was! I was disappointed, DC messed up another potentially great movie… AGAIN!

6 Laughing Gas Containers out of 10


14488995_10154339383356084_636300708_oI’ve typically enjoyed the DC cinematic movies, and was looking forward to another classic of Batman vs Joker. What I got however was a Batgirl blunder movie, followed by a creepy make out between her and Batman, followed by the real movie, and then topped off with a frustrating ending that made little logical sense. That said, it still was a good movie and an interesting story, that if nothing else brings up some deep questions on the origin of the Joker, and what it actually takes to break someone.

6 broken spines out of 10


14467148_10154339383866084_521239273_oAs a long time DC fan, I had high expectations and knew I would enjoy it, however I didn’t enjoy it as much as I had hoped. Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy reprise their roles as Batman and Joker and do a bang up job of it. The scenes of Batman being Batman were a joy to watch. It was when they broke away from the comic, and in such dramatic ways, that it really took me out of the movie. Overall though still good, and Joker stole the show.

6.5 Mark Hamills out of 10

Make sure to check out the full spoiler audio or video review below along with some Harley Quinn trivia!  Be sure to let us know what you think!

Little known fact: Harley Quinn is not originally from the comics.

Her first appearance was from the Batman: The Animated Series, on TV, and was meant

Clipart card credit to gamnammo & Kallizm

just to be a one time small role, but was so popular that she was kept and introduced to the comics, where she is now currently one of the most popular DC characters.

So why so popular?

Some feel she is the Deadpool of DC, apart from the fact that she doesn’t break the 4th wall. Sure she’s crazy and funny, but she’s also relatable and a character you can feel sorry for even though she is a ‘bad guy’.

Pulled into crime thanks to her love of the Joker, many times some like Batman will try and convince her to change her ways, but she always goes back to “Mr J” who insults and abuses her.

Past this, It’s been seen that viewers and readers grow bored with plain female characters like Super Girl, and so Harley is a perfect mix of the what women wish they could be, and what men wish they could date.

Fun, wild, free, and a healthy pinch of crazy. What’s not to like?

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What are your thoughts on Harley Quinn?

Artwork by Drezz Rodriguez




4 thoughts on “Idiots Thoughts on The Killing Joke!

  1. I agree with the majority of reviews. I’m a huge DC fan as well and loved the original Killing Joke. Just to add to what was already said above, I felt that it just didn’t translate well to the big screen. Still enjoyable as many of the DC animated movies are, but expectations fell short here, specifically the ending. I really loved the ending in the original telling, and wished they could have found a way to have the same effect on screen.

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