Resident Evil: A Nostalgic Journey

By: Jarime Wilhelm

Recently I begin to get caught up on my backlog of games. Amongst those is Resident Evil 7. Now, this is not going to be about that, not entirely anyways. But more about the series, my recollection and how I feel about it.jill2-2

As I was playing there is a part early in the game where someone I had killed jumps out of the wall. Anyone who has played this game knows exactly which scene I am talking about. I am not going to spoil it if you haven’t played it yet, so go play it if you are curious. Now, this was done in such a way that I was pretty sure I needed to go change my pants. It really reminded me of the original Resident Evil game when the dog jumped through the window at me. For those that have no idea what I am talking about, here is a video of that scene:

Literally, one of the scariest scenes in my gaming youth.

While this games had its flaws, it was amazing. There was live action video, the original jump scares, zombies, corrupt corporation, and more. It set the bar for modern horror games such as Dead Space. Actually in hindsight, it was an interactive B movie. Which explains the follow up games and that movie franchise.

Now lets take a moment to talk about that franchise. I have no idea what the hell is going on with that. I really liked the first one, but everything after that felt like something Uwe Boll would come up with. How did we go from a virus manufactured by Umbrella Corp to whatever the hell is going on in those? Maybe I have not given them a fair shake. They are set in the same universe, at least initially, and they both build upon the actions of the Umbrella Corporation. I guess I would just rather see a series actually in the game universe. It doesn’t need to retell the story, but run along side it. There is plenty of opportunity there for content. Like, what about Raccoon City Police Department Special Response Team? Surely they survived at least a little bit. Just food for thought.resident-evil-screenshot-04-ps4-ps3-us-13jan15

In all fairness, Resident Evil 7 has peeked my interest enough that I might just go back through and check it out. I will say that it has made interested enough to go back in and finish Resident Evil 6. So, maybe I will go back and watch the movies. Maybe I need to not look at it as a direct representation of the games that I have in my head, but more of a story told within the same universe. And right now with the Deals With Gold being heavily Resident Evil based it is a perfect time to jump back into the series and give it a go.

Resident Evil™_20150205144537By:  Jarime Wilhelm

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