Siren’s Song: A Resident Evil Fan Film [ Trailers]

Resident Evil: Siren’s Song

Due to increasing pressure from the S.T.A.R.S. Team, leading up to the incident at Spencer Mansion.  Umbrella obtains the D.E.V. Aurora and launches Project: Siren’s Song in an attempt to protect much of their research and projects.  When problems arise Umbrella’s only option is to send in their best operative to recover their precious samples.


Fall of 1998 – Outskirts of Raccoon City

Umbrella project code-named: Siren’s Song

Aboard the ship D.E.V. Aurora

48 hours since initial outbreak



Fas produzem por conta propria filme baseado em resident evil

Horror Fan Films

Check out this awesome teaser trailer for fan film Resident Evil: Siren’s Song

Full Short Film here



Written by – Anthony Villa & Shaun Patrick

Executive Producer – Shaun Patrick of the Sacramento Film Armory

Directed by – Reggie Waters of Superhuman Pictures

Assistant Director – Ian Machietto (RIP brother)

Shot and Cut by – Justin Dailey of Superhuman Pictures

Art Direction, Props & SFX Supervisor – Shaun Patrick

SFX Artist – A.J. Mandevile

Gaffer – Robert Reimers

Equipment Provided by – VideoVets and Cinematic Adventure Club

Location Manager of the M.V. Aurora – Christopher Wilson


Producer – Shane Maus 

Producer – David Jon Foster


Outbreak Scientist – Jennifer Ravensong

Security Officer – David Jon Foster

Doctor Zombie – Joe Arino

Violent Zombie – Grid Margraf

Umbrella Riot Security – Mark Madewell Jr.

Lab Assistant Zombie #1 – Jennifer Ravensong

Lab Assistant Zombie #2 – Daisy Martinez

Umbrella Stairwell Security Officer – Sky Montoya

Hunk – Tom Kingston

Behind the Scenes

Shane Maus of Most Awesome Sauce Media – Video & Interviews

Oscar Benjamin of Most Awesome Sauce Media – Stills & Interviews

Pamela Montini – Stills

Bill Reid – Stills

Niko Panagopoulos – Stills

Jennifer Ravensong – Stills

Shane Maus of Most Awesome Sauce Media – Video & Interviews

Anthony Villa – Video

Nikhil Naidu – Stills & promo

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