Resident Evil: Siren’s Song [Official Film]

Shortly after the events in the Spencer Mansion… Raccoon City has been overrun with zombies and the Pharmaceutical company Umbrella, is behind it! It’s up to a rookie R.P.D. cop and a veteran member of Raccoon City’s elite S.T.A.R.S team to find a sample of the virus aboard Umbrella’s hidden laboratory, filled with mutated test subjects and hordes of undead craving human flesh. Can they survive the onslaught and uncover the evidence needed to put Umbrella away forever?

How many Easter Eggs can you find?

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Assista Resident Evil: Sirens Song filme baseado na franquia produzido por fas
Fan Movie Watch
Bloody Disgusting
Resident Evil Sirens Song Fan Film

Main Cast

Nikhil Naidu
Shane Maus
Robert Reimers – Hunk
David Jon Foster – Umbrella Security/T-Type 001
Micaela Davi Rubio – Jill Valentine
D Brad StCyr – Brian Irons

Extras / Zombies / RPD Personnel

Jennifer Ravensong – Infected Scientist/Doorcrasher Zombie/RPD Detective
Joe Arino – First Zombie
Daisy Yunuen – Door Crasher Zombie
Patrick Dervily – Umbrella Security/Throat Rip Zombie
Anthony Villa – Kevin Ryman
Thomas Kingston – Promo Hunk/Marvin 
Katie Horak – Head Turner Zombie/Rita
Grid Margraf – Violent Zombie
Taylor Meyers – Feeding Zombie
AJ Mandeville – Fall into Frame Zombie
King Watson – Umbrella Boil Zombie
Tobin Harding – Neck Break Zombie
Christopher Willson – Water Reflection Zombie
Justin Giannini – No Coming Back Zombie
Mark Madewell Jr – Umbrella Security/Head Gear Zombie
Austin Stevenson – Eye Out Zombie
Sky Montoya – Umbrella Security / Crazy Guy at RPD
Josh Fesler – RPD Cop 2 / Dr. Zombie 1
Harry Josephson – RPD Cop 1 / Dr. Zombie 2


Director: Reginald Waters
Director of Photography: Justin Dailey
1st AD: Anthony Villa
2nd AD: D Brad StCyr
1st AC: Blake Green
Gaffer: Taylor Moore
Location Manager: Christopher Wilson


Niko Panagopoulos
Jenna Marie
Donovan Murphy

Art Department

Sacramento Film Armory
SFX Supervisor/Prop Master/Costumer: Shaun Patrick
SFX Artist: AJ Mandeville
SFX Artist: Justin Giannini

Behind the Scenes

Stills: Oscar Benjamin
Stills: Jennifer Ravensong
Stills: Niko Panagopoulos
Video/interviews: Shane Maus
Video: Anthony Villa
Stills/promo: Nikhil Naidu
Promo Stills: Bill Reid
Promo Stills: Pamela Montini

Production Team

Executive Producer: Shaun Patrick
Producer: Shane Maus
Producer: David Jon Foster
Superhuman Films
Cinematic Adventure Club
Fired Boy Films

Special Thanks

Christopher Wilson and The Aurora Restoration Project
Robin Ventura
Dan Acosta
Eryn Knight

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