Firefly Fan Film [Official Trailers]


Shadows on the Wind: A Firefly Fan Film

A few years after the Unification War, a young Alliance pilot transports an Alliance Diplomat who is also a Browncoat; a Browncoat with a weapon that could finally destroy the Alliance. As they travel across deep space, the Pilot learns the Browncoat’s story and realizes loyalty and compassion cast long shadows.

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

Victoria Sanders (Jenny)
Tijon Hill (Beegan)
Jeffery Moore (Foutine)Nicole Berry (Shea)

Darrell Miller (Lennik)

Olta Desiderio (Doctor)

Written By – Justin Fischer
Directed By – Samantha Laurenti
Director of Photography – Avery Peck
Produced By:
Jocelyn Fischer
Ryan Adams
Sterling Castillo

Shadows on the Wind on IMDbimdb_

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